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Checklist after buying your home

Be sure to remember all the miscellaneous details. We want to be sure your move into your new home is a happy experience.Cancel your existing insurance and arrange insurance on your new home.

Arrange for a mover. Phone several companies to obtain competitive estimates. Remember the end of a month is a busy time for movers, so book early.

Contact utilities and arrange cancellation or transfer to new address.

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Cable T.V.
  • Telephone
  • Gas
  • Newspapers
  • >Send change of address cards to friends, relatives, banks, credit cards, subscriptions, employer, associations, etc.
  • Register children in new school and have school records transferred.
  • Arrange transfer of medical and dental records, as well as optical records and prescriptions.
  • Discard flammable liquids including paint and solvents. Movers are not allowed to carry them.
  • If moving out of state obtain new driver's license and car registration.
  • Before you leave your present address:

  • Advise Doctor and Dentist office to close file and instruct a copy of file to be forwarded to new practitioners when requested to do so.
  • Write the utility company in the city to which you are moving. Ask them about the necessary fees or deposits required for installation of service.
  • Remit the utility deposits required with information about when and where you will want these services: gas, electric, water, telephone, and cable.
  • Send your forwarding address to you local post office and send change of address cards to subscriptions, insurance companies, book clubs, friends, stores and credit cards.
  • Transfer your fire insurance on household goods or other insurance on personal possessions so that they will be covered both at your new home and in route.
  • Notify the principal of your children's school about your intended move. Get a letter from him/her outlining the status of your children in school.
  • Make sure you have birth certificates of all the children. (You will need them for their new schools).
  • Get medical records of shots, eyeglass prescriptions, etc.
  • If car or other possessions are not paid for, get permission to move them.
  • Close your bank account(s), if necessary.

      Arrange for sufficient cash or travellers cheques to cover the cost of moving services and expenses until you make banking connections in the city to which you are moving. Cash or a certified cheque is generally required by moving companies for delivery of household goods. Have The Following Services


      • Gas
      • Fuel or oil company
      • Electric
      • Telephone
      • Newspaper delivery
      • Water
      • Water softener service
      • Rubbish and garbage service
      • Milk delivery
      • Diaper service
      • Charge accounts
      • Locker at athletic club